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Our chain is completely USA made!

Tires with Chains

Canadian Chains has been manufacturing tire chains for over forty years. In 1963, Roger Gower had an idea to produce a tire chain for what is now known as the skidder. At the time it was the beginning of forestry equipment evolution. Canadian Chains made the first tire chains for one of the first Timberjack skidders sold.

Our Products

Canadian Chains now produces chain and traction equipment for forestry, farming, and commercial and industrial trucking. Being based in Central Maine means we understand and experience the same conditions under which our products are used.

Our chains are not only superior equipment; they are also American-made products. We use only American-made steel and chain as materials, and our bending, welding, and hardening is all done in-house in our Skowhegan, Maine facility.

What's Next

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